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  • ​I have been serving on active duty in the United States Navy since 2011.

  • I attended Woodstock '94 with my mom when I was seven years old.

  • I have appeared in The New York Times 63 times.

  • I volunteered my youthful voice to Perverted Justice, who assisted with NBC's To Catch a Predator series.

  • My three children were named after an actress, a cartoon character, and an author respectively.

  • I'm obsessed with recipes that I find on the internet.  To date, I have made over 250 different recipes.

  • I've been playing video games for over 30 years.

  • There's something about the Christmas season and twinkle of a Christmas tree that brings me so much joy, that I actually leave mine up year-round!

  • I have three college degrees. A Bachelor's in Criminal Justice, an Associate's in Paralegal Studies, and an Associate's in Clinical Laboratory Science.

  • Statistics show that my name is misspelled 99.33%* of the time.  "Tourey" is my favorite spelling to date.

*Not an actual statistic, but still entirely accurate.

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